About the Tempus Fugitives and the
Legendary Third Bedroom Studios.

The Tempus Fugitives is… are… am… the top-secret musical identity of, um, me.
I’m David Kelly.
I wrote the songs, performed them, and produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered them in the Legendary Third Bedroom Studios in Santa Clara, CA.  There have been quite a few collaborators along for the ride, about whom more in a moment.

By the way, there’s no reason you should have heard of either the TFugs or me unless you are a friend who got dragged into this vanity project and are too nice to say, “uh, no thanks.”

The Legendary Third Bedroom Studios are where the magic happens (except in a few cases).  I have always wanted to have the chance to go deep into recording, but was always too practical to actually do it.  But eventually I bought some gear and starting jumping into recording.

I am not a genius song-writer, producer, recorder, mixer or mastering engineer, but I love the process and am trying to get better with each passing album.  Each album represents my progress or regress so far.

I play guitar, play some bass, some keys, I program or choose the fake drums, and I generally sing the tunes.  Yepper, it’s all me – me me me.
But a bunch of friends and colleagues have helped out with their musical and recording talents as well, so let’s talk about them.

Lynea Diaz Hagen: Vocals

Susy Boyd:  Vocals

Katie Wilson:  Vocals

Chloe Feoranza:  Clarinet and background vocals

Anne Spector: Violin

Jeff “Hawkeye” Sanders: Guitars, bass, and background vocals

Tim Volpicella: Guitars and recording at Open Path Studios in San Jose, California

Jason Loughlin: Guitar

Josh Smith:  Guitar

Joe Gore:  Guitar

Dale Hymes: Bass and background vocals

Wing Keong Loo: Bass

Lisa Rutta: Drums and percussion

John Garcia: Drums and percussion

Terry Carleton: Drums, percussion, background vocals, recording, and mixing at Bones & Knives Studio in San Jose, California

Rob Gillette: Mastering at Private Hell Recording (Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time album), invaluable advice, unsentimental criticism, and an amazing array of most excellent cast-off gear!

Bret Boyer: Song Doctoring

See the individual album and song pages for specific credits.  But know that they have my thanks for everything they have contributed.