Barb Wire Halo

Okay, it’s just silly, but sort of fun. The weird sounds you hear coming out of the left speaker during the spoken bits are from an old, wrecked grand piano we found on the curb around the corner from TFugs World HQ. We ran home, grabbed some dollies, and moved it into our driveway, where I have been trying to figure out how to take it apart ever since. But before that, I ran out and recorded some random playing on it (since I am a random piano player). It really sounded cool and ghostly, so it’s just what was needed to make the song complete.

All sounds:  DK

I’m Tired

I wrote the song a million years ago and recorded it as a solo thing. But then I got the idea of adding other guitarists to it. It took time to get the parts from my various friends, so while I think I planned to release this a couple of albums ago, it finally got completed for this one. Not sure why I decided to modulate every verse, but I did. And I gotta tell you, it’s really hard to figure out how to sing it that way (or at least, it was hard for me). I played the intro and the outro solos, then Jeff “Hawkeye” Sanders, then Timmy Volpicella, and then a ringer – I got the great guitarist, journalist, and equipment guy Joe Gore for the next solos.

Guitars: Jeff Sanders, Tim Volpicella, and Joe Gore. All the rest:  DK

Yeah I Guess

The only fretted instrument on this one is the bass – the rest is lap steel, lap dobro, and slide. The song is pretty lightweight, but for some reason it seemed right to record it. I’m seeking help…

All sounds:  DK


Oh boy. I recorded this one a zillion years ago and only recently rediscovered it. When I wrote it, it was about Ludovico, but it was pointed out to me that there was a movie with a character named Ludovico who was, in fact, not like the other boys. So I had to find another four-syllable name. What cracks me up is that the few people who have commented on it always assume that Federico is the bad guy. I don’t know for sure if he is – I mean, he might be, but he might not be, either.

All sounds:  DK

Driving Instructor for the FAA

This is a guy who absolutely knows how cool and important his job is, and he’s not shy about telling you. It’s actually very loosely based on a real thing – you do have to get permits from the FAA to drive on airport runways and taxiways, and every airport is permitted separately. But I have no reason to think anyone is an actual driving instructor. But if anyone is, they’ve gotta be at least as hip as this guy.

All sounds:  DK

Ladybug Stomp

Just me trying to write a melody. I mostly don’t do a lot of that, so don’t worry, there shouldn’t be too many more of these. When it was finished, it sounded very 60’s-ish to me – I keep seeing the poster from the “Endless Summer” movie in my head when I hear it. Not sure where that’s coming from, but it’s all data points, right?

All sounds:  DK

Renard & Sons

Hawkeye and I were discussing how a certain US president might want to arrange some accidents for some people who are causing him distress – discreet removals, as it were. The song came pretty quickly after that conversation.

All sounds:  DK

Lie Unspoken

I thought of the title, and the rest of the song soon followed. It was originally going to be on “She’s a Carrier for the Blues”, but I couldn’t quite pull it together sonically. I don’t know if it’s pulled together sonically even now, but I’m tired of working on it, so I’m calling it ‘done’. So much art is like that, y’know?

All sounds:  DK

Me or the Gun

Gun control is a hot-button issue for me, but I tend not to write politically since I don’t think I do it very well. But this one snuck in. I don’t know that I pulled it off, but I just wanted to say that if you are boring, powerless, or otherwise out of control, going out and shooting people won’t make you any more interesting or powerful – the gun is doing the heavy lifting, you’re not.

All sounds:  DK

Granny’s Restless Leg

Back in the days when Timmy and Hawkeye were playing together, I brought in the first part and offered it up as a tune we could do. Timmy and Hawkeye came up with the harmonies that really make the tune. Then we decided we needed a B-section, so I offered up another goofy melody, which they harmonized and improved on. Tim thought we needed the shout section, so that got added. In other words, a collaboration happened, even though they gave me song-writing credit for it. We took it off to Open Path Studio, which Tim was running, and recorded it with our friends Lisa and Dale. Our friend Theresa recorded the event on video, but there’s not quite enough to turn it into a “video”, sadly.

Tim Volpicella, Jeff “Hawkeye” Sanders, & DK: guitars, Dale Hymes: bass, and Lisa Rutta: drums.

Rosie Pussytoes

Visiting a friend in Montana. She had a poster of local wildflowers up in her guest bathroom. Rosie Pussytoes, Sagebrush Buttercup, and Idaho Fescue were born and needed their stories told. I am just the vessel. I do apologize for stealing 12 minutes of your life away for a shaggy dog story, albeit a woke one.

All sounds:  DK