I’m Just Sayin’

Just a goofy little tune that popped into my head, plus some sort of snotty lyrics. Really what it’s about is knowing that the moment someone says, “no offense, but…͟”, you know something offensive will follow, sure as night follows day. Just sayin’

All me.

Carrier for the Blues

So yeah, as mentioned, pretty close to a direct rip off of Jeff Beck’s “Brush with the Blues”.  I just thought it needed lyrics.

All me again.

Noir Swing

Another melody I came up with while trying to write some Art Deco music, with the merest hints of Django and assorted swing music from the era.  I recorded it all with guitars, but something was missing. So I reached out to Chloe Feoranzo, best known from playing with Post Modern Jukebox and with Pokey LaFarge, thought she gets around. She played clarinet on this and really went to town on it. I can’t tell you how happy I am that she agreed to play on this album.

Chloe – clarinet, and me, all the rest.  In case you care, the guitar melody and rhythm are played on a couple of Koll archtops.

The Bar was Open

Regrets? Me? Yeah, a few. I wrote this tune about the time I finished tracking for the album, and it kicked another tune off the record, for better or for worse.

DK – every sound you hear.

Calculus of Loneliness

“He was a little puny man…”  I heard Katie (an old buddy saying the line), so finally I got her to record it for me when she was visiting the Legendary Third Bedroom Studios. The rest of the song is just noise.


Boy, is this a depressing one!  Working title: “Codependent Blues”.  Yikes – I’m so sorry!

Anne Spector:  Violin. The rest is DK.

Meaningless Rhymes

Can a songwriter *not* be aware of the irony in writing a song called “Meaningless Rhymes”? But yeah, that’s what it’s about.

DK, end-to-end.

Cold Cold World

I used this chord change to fill time on stage when the other guitar player broke a string. Eventually I put some words to it. Kind of makes me smile. While Katie was here recording “Calculus of Loneliness”, I also had her record some chorus vox for this tune, too. She knows me too well to really pull it off, so she’s buried pretty deep in the mix. But I also had Chloe Feoranzo record “he’s cool” when I had her record the solo, which she knocked out of the park.

Me: most of what you hear, plus Chloe Feoranzo, clarinet, plus Katie Wilson and Chloe , vocals.

My Heart Won’t Be in It

Also originally a collaboration (me lyrics, someone else, music) that went nowhere. So I came up with some other music so as not to waste the lyrics. Hell – I thought it was funny. Hope you do too.

All DK, sound-wise.

Once Again I Got the Blues

I wrote this one a million years ago, could never get a band to play it, so here it is. Being a producer buys you a lot of ego trips, if you do it right.

All me.  No one else would touch it.

Maid of Razors

She knows who she is. I was captivated by a co-worker for many years, but she scared the crap outta me. We’re great buddies now, but who knew that would happen? I sure didn’t.

Dale Hymes – bass, plus me doing the rest.

Lock Up Your Daughters

This was the original title tune for the album. Kinda goofy, but fun. In which we learn that none of the rockabilly guitar classes I’ve taken have worked. Still playing rockabilly like a rock guitar player. I’m so ashamed.

All DK, sound-wise.